Filtration Products & Services

Industrial and Environmental Sales has been involved with water and chemical filtration since 2001. We provide liquid phase and vapor phase carbon filters in 55 gallon drums up to 20,000LB vessels. We also provide different required medias to fit the specific filtration applications. Our products include:

Carbon and vapor phase filters for removing:

  • Dissolved organics
  • Suspended solids
  • Dissolved minerals
  • Oil and grease
  • Dissolved and precipitated metals
  • Special organics
  • Catalytic reactor
  • Bio-remediation

Some of the filters & filtration systems that we provide:

  • IES Sand Filters
  • Plating line filtration
  • Custom separator elements for liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Solberg inlet and exhaust filters
  • FSI inline filters
  • FSI bag filters
  • IES provides both new and rental filtration units

Contact us to purchase or lease your next soil or vapor phase filter.