Environmental Remediation Systems

Industrial and Environmental Sales has had over 40 years of experience building and trouble shooting environmental remediation systems. We are unique in that we take responsibility for systems we build. You will not freeze in the winter and over heat in the summer. If you ask for a system to treat 25GPM you will get what you asked for and not what the equipment builder wanted to build.

IES also services what we sell. We are one of Travaini's largest vacuum pump distributors in the USA. We can solve any of your old and new remediation system problems.

We Rent or Sell the following:

  • Pilot Study Trailer
  • Long Term Lease Trailers
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Air Sparges
  • Air Strippers 
  • Bag Filters
  • Dual Phase Extraction
  • Pump and Treat
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Catox Units
  • Thermal Catalytic Oxidizers
  • Solids Removal
  • Scrubber Systems
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Clarifiers
  • Vacuum Pumps up to 250HP
  • Carbon Change Out Service 

Contact us for a quote for any of your future new or rental Environmental system requirements. Look for our 24/7 emergency response rental equipment in 2012!